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Athens Sightseeing Tour: Unveiling the History and Mythology

Athens sightseeing tour

Athens: A Timeless Gem

Welcome to GETAWAYS Greece, where we invite you to embark on an unforgettable Athens sightseeing tour. Athens, the cradle of civilization, stands proudly among the oldest inhabited cities on Earth, with a storied history dating back to 6000 BC. This modern capital of Greece is a captivating mosaic of archaic history, medieval periods, and contemporary times. As you explore its streets, you’ll witness the city’s rich tapestry of cultures and civilizations that have shaped it over millennia.

Unraveling the Layers

History or Mythology?

When you visit the awe-inspiring Acropolis of Athens and gaze upon the architectural wonder that is the Parthenon, you’ll find it challenging to separate historical facts from mythology. The Acropolis has always been a meeting place, where mythological kings evolved into champions of democracy. Nestled atop this naturally fortified hill, it provided ancient leaders with the ideal setting for governance, offering shelter from enemies, panoramic views of the sea, and a sturdy foundation for construction.

The Birth of Democracy

Around 490-480 BC, following the Persian Wars, Ancient Athens reached the zenith of its glory. A groundbreaking idea was brewing – Democracy, power to the people. Spearheading this ambitious endeavor was the renowned general Pericles. In addition to establishing the foundations of this new era, Pericles envisioned Athens as the world’s center, a hub for free expression of ideas, and the birthplace of philosophy. The Parthenon stood at the heart of the Acropolis complex, a testament to architecture, taking nine years to complete. This majestic temple, crafted by skilled artisans from gleaming white marble, adhered to the principles of geometry and harmony. It was dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, after whom the city was named. Pericles also recognized that democracy needed justice, leading to the establishment of the first court of law on the hill opposite the Parthenon, known as Arius Pagos or Mars Hill.

Driving Around Athens

Descending the slopes of the Acropolis and touring Athens, you’ll witness how the Parthenon has been central to the city’s growth throughout different civilizations. Historians claim that the Greek civilization ultimately triumphed over the Roman Empire through cultural influence. This era saw Emperor Hadrian’s expansion of Athens, which brought magnificent monuments like the Temple of Zeus, the Roman Agora, and Hadrian’s Library.

Centuries passed, and the majestic remnants of ancient Greece merged with the Byzantine Empire during the Middle Ages, leaving behind traces of Hellenistic influence. The spread of Christianity started from the Acropolis, where St. Paul preached and baptized the first Christians on Mars Hill.

Venturing further, you’ll encounter remarkable 19th-century buildings, marking the establishment of modern Greek democracy. These include the Greek Parliament, Athens Academy, and iconic districts like Plaka and the vibrant Monastiraki. However, the Panathenaic Stadium, built for the inaugural modern Olympic Games in 1896, stands as the epitome of the 19th century’s legacy. This pristine marble stadium continues to embody the enduring Olympic spirit that unites nations to this day.

Join the Athens Sightseeing Tour

As you explore Athens, you’ll experience an extraordinary journey through time. Hop on our Athens sightseeing tour and immerse yourself in the captivating history, mythology, and vibrant culture of this timeless city. Don’t miss the chance to make your own memories in this remarkable destination.

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