Cape Sounio

If you check the map, Sounio is the last piece of land next to the Aegean Sea. The edge of the province of Attika, where the city of Athens belongs. If you are lucky and we have a cloudless sky, you will be amazed by the blankets of blues, reds and oranges that engulf the […]



Full day trip to the land of mythology and great heroes Have you seen the main attractions of Athens and you want to explore other parts of Greece? Do you love Greek mythology and you want to learn about the tragic stories of the Mycenean royal family, before and after the Trojan War, that inspired […]


Athens Sightseeing

It is unbelievable but Athens is a part of a very short list! The list with the oldest inhabited cities on the planet! Athens has been recorded as a city since 6000 BC. During all those years, the modern capital of Greece has been affected by different civilizations and cultures which brought us to nowadays […]

Tours from Athens

tours from athens

Athens is the Capital of Greece and one of the best destinations, if you wish to spend your vacation in Greece. But what can you do in Athens? What is worth seeing? What places can you visit at a close radius? These are questions we are capable of answering! If you read this article, any […]

Things you Need to Know before Traveling to Greece

things to know before travelling to greece

If you’re planning a trip to Greece this season, there are a few things you need to know before traveling to this beautiful place. While Greece is a great destination for anyone to relax but also spend some good time partying and having fun, it is important to keep in mind some tips, in order […]

Explore the History of Athens in a Tour

Have you ever visited Greece and didn’t know which destination to choose? While Greece is packed up with a lot of tourism during the summer, there is a situation where foreign people do not understand the greatness of Greek attractions. The history of Athens is of great importance and it is vital for someone who […]

How to have a delicious tour in Athens with Greek Gyros

greek food tour

Although Greece is one of the best places to visit due to the history and culture of people, it is also known to have one of the best cuisines in the European countries! When in Athens of Greece, the one thing we are supposed to do is try out every different plate possible that’s got […]

Find Greek Prepaid SIM cards

greek prepaid sim cards

You decide to visit and explore Greece. But you come from a place outside of Europe’s Schengen Area and you need to have mobile data and minutes to call while you stay. If that describes you, then this deal is for you! At Getaways Greece, we do not only provide you with great private and […]

How to get to Acropolis with Getaways Greece

how to get to acropolis

Many people who visit Greece have the Acropolis in their to-do list. And we don’t wonder why, since it carries a lot of the Greek history. As a tourist, however, you might find yourself feeling a little bit overwhelmed on how to get there easily. And it’s not only about how to get there at […]

Greek island tours from Athens

Greek island tours from Athens

Are you looking for Greek island tours from Athens? Let’s explore together the options that Getaways Greece has, the tour guide experts that have helped thousands of tourists in the past. First of all, your choice of visiting Athens is one of the wisest decisions you could make. Into the heart of the country, the […]