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How to get to Acropolis with Getaways Greece

Many people who visit Greece have the Acropolis in their to-do list. And we don’t wonder why, since it carries a lot of the Greek history. As a tourist, however, you might find yourself feeling a little bit overwhelmed on how to get there easily. And it’s not only about how to get there at the right time, but also at your own pace in order to get the most out of an experience like this. Getaways Greece is your friend in this case.


How to get to Acropolis with Getaways Greece


We are here to help tourists have the best experience possible, with the most affordable prices. Our tours include many destinations and highlights of Greece, but for the sake of this article we will focus on Acropolis tours solely. Our aim here is for anyone who joins our tours to get the gist out of the Athenian vibes and culture. That is why we created small group tours or private tours for this purpose. With this feature you will have the opportunity to see Acropolis from a different point of view, since you won’t have to deal with all the other people interested in visiting this place. We manage to offer you exclusivity and the right guidance in order to get to Acropolis, witness its beauty, learn more about it and take unique photos and videos. 


Skip the line to Acropolis tours

Two of our most popular tours are Half-Day Athens Private tour and Athens Small-Group Walking Tour. Both tours provide you with skip-the-line tickets to Acropolis! Let us tell you a little bit more about each of them.


Half-Day Athens Private Tailor-Made City Tour


Our private tour is a 5-hour tour that can be booked by 2 to 15 people, only of the same group. This tour offers you pickup and dropoff from the place you stay while in Greece, whether it is a hotel or an Airbnb or even the airport/port of Athens. This way you will be able to book your amazing experience right after you arrive in the country, once you get to your hotel or after that. The options are endless and depend on your own preferences! The dates and times you can choose, when specified, depend on the availability. We must admit that many dates become not available very easily, so if you need to get to Acropolis at a specific time, you’d better book your tour soon. However, if nothing else changes, you will have the opportunity to join the tour in morning or afternoon hours, from 7.30 am to 4.00pm. 


Tip: The hours are in Greek time, and the hour system is 24hour. In case you need any assistance with choosing your own time, please don’t hesitate to call us!


This tour includes a private minivan which is the way you will use to get to Acropolis, with the help of a professional tour guide. After the Acropolis you will also have the opportunity to visit Acropolis museum. Other top locations the tour includes are the Numismatic museum, Athens University, the Panathenaic Olympic Stadium etc. Check our website to learn more insights about it and if you have any questions, we are here to help!


Athens City Small-Group Walking Tour


Another option for those who want to get to Acropolis is Athens City Small-Group Walking Tour. In this case you will also have a professional guide throughout the whole experience. They will give you many insights about each spot you will be visiting. The tour also includes skip-the-line tickets to Acropolis, which is an extra plus. It can be booked by maximum 12 people, from different groups of friends. The difference here is that before the tour starts, all of the participants will have to be at a specific meeting point. 


Just like in the previous case, here you will have the opportunity to check the hottest spots of Athens, including Acropolis. 


These were two of the most beautiful and stress-free ways on how to get to Acropolis with Getaways Greece! And if you are planning to stay many days in our country, we can guarantee special offers for the cheapest mobile data in Greece