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Mycenae Epidaurus | Full-day trip to the land of mythology and great heroes| Full-day trip to the land of mythology and great heroes

Mycenae Epidaurus


Explore Mycenae and Epidaurus: A Mythological Journey

If you’ve exhausted the charms of Athens and are thirsting for a deeper dive into Greek history and mythology, “GETAWAYS Greece” invites you to embark on a full-day adventure to two ancient marvels – Mycenae and Epidaurus. These iconic destinations are steeped in myth and history, providing a captivating journey into the heart of Greek culture and legends.

Unearthing Mycenae: The Cradle of Myth and History

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Greece, Mycenae, often referred to as the “rich in gold” city by Homer, boasts a history as intricate and mysterious as the myths that surround it. It served as the opulent palace of Agamemnon, a central figure in Greek mythology and leader of the Greeks during the Trojan War. Mycenae was a cornerstone of the Mycenaean Civilization (1600 BC to 1100 BC), which held enormous influence over Greek history.

As you approach the colossal Cyclopean walls and pass through the imposing Lion Gate, the aura of the Mycenaean royal family envelopes you. These walls not only safeguarded the city but also stand as one of mainland Europe’s earliest examples of monumental sculpture. Inside, the National Archaeological Museum in Athens and the local museum at Mycenae house astonishing golden treasures discovered by Schliemann in 1876, including the legendary “Grave Circle A” with its 15kg (33lb) of gold – a treasure trove that still mesmerizes visitors.

For those seeking to delve even deeper into the enigma of Mycenae, the “Tomb of Agamemnon” beckons. This unique tholos, or beehive tomb, is said to house the remains of King Agamemnon along with his mythical treasury of gold, adding another layer of intrigue to this regal city’s history.

As you explore Mycenae, it becomes apparent that the line between history and mythology here is often blurred, making this an ideal destination for history buffs and mythology enthusiasts alike.

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The Theater of Epidaurus: Where Legends Came to Life

Epidaurus, another mystical stop on this journey, transports you to the world of ancient Greek theater. At its heart is the Ancient Theatre, built between 340 and 330 B.C., and now a UNESCO World Heritage site as part of the Sanctuary of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine.

This remarkable theatre was not just a stage for dramatic performances; it was a place of healing for Asclepius’s patients who sought divine intervention. In ancient Greece, the great tragedies and comedies that continue to enthrall audiences worldwide today were performed here, as part of religious rituals dedicated to the cults of Dionysus and Asclepius. The tales enacted on this stage were deeply rooted in the mythological universe, creating a profoundly spiritual experience for its ancient spectators.

Even in the modern era, the Theatre of Epidaurus remains unparalleled. Its ingenious design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape, and its acoustics are a marvel, ensuring every word uttered on stage reaches the farthest corners of the amphitheater.

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Nature’s Embrace: Olive Groves, Citrus Orchards, and Azure Seas

As you journey through Mycenae and Epidaurus, Greece’s natural beauty unfolds before you. The landscape is adorned with enchanting olive groves, fragrant orange and lemon orchards, and the mesmerizing deep blue waters of the sea. It’s a breathtaking reminder of Greece’s timeless allure and its enduring connection to the land and the sea.

Your adventure to Mycenae and Epidaurus is not merely a tour; it’s a mythological odyssey, a chance to step back in time and immerse yourself in the captivating stories that have shaped Greek culture and history for millennia.

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