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Snorkeling Boat Trip in Athens | Pivate Half-Day Tour

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Let yourself drift through the water, relax and enjoy the ocean wonderland. Experience a half day small-group trip with minivan along the picturesque south Attica coastal road and visit the imposing temple of Poseidon.
When swimmers go snorkeling for their first time, the result is the same each time; they get addicted. Let us explain you what snorkeling all is about, what you need to know to keep safe and how to enjoy your snorkeling adventure.
Prepare yourselves to gaze at the vast Greek horizon, where the golden sun kisses the Aegean Sea for goodnight! Snorkeling is incredibly fun, relaxing and a wonderful way to explore the ocean.
Join us in one of the most famous tours in Athens and try an amazing snorkeling experience!
Snorkeling is the practice of swimming through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel, and usually fins. If it is done in cooler waters, a wetsuit may also be necessary. Use of the snorkeling equipment allows the snorkeler to observe underwater fauna and flora for extended periods of time with relatively little effort.
Perhaps snorkeling is the simplest introduction to what the ocean has to offer and from our experience, develop swimmers’ interest and curiosity about our rich marine biodiversity.
Cape Sounion is a wonderful choice to enjoy this half-day trip from Athens and is a world-famous location to watch the sunset. With music on, snacks you and the unique vibes of the sea aura and breeze you will feel the unique vibes of the scenery and the moment. Don’t forget to make a wish, before the sun fades away!

Departure Information

Departure & Return Location:
Hotel/Airbnb apartments pick-up and drop-off

What to expect

  • Enjoy the flexibility of a private activity; choose between a morning activity or a sunset activity, a breath away from the temple of Poseidon
  • Drive through a totally different part of Athens and admire the amazing view of the Athenian Riviera
  • Bring your swimsuit and beach towel


This half day private tour begins by picking you up from the hotel or apartment of your stay. We will drive along the coastal roads through some of Athens’ most beautiful seaside suburbs, watching the amazing view to the Saronic Gulf. After around 50-minute driving along the coastal road and driving through idyllic beaches and small villages, you will have your first stop for the snorkeling experience at a PADI 5* IDC center.
The highly trained and experienced instructors, wish to share their lifelong passion of sea exploration with you, providing our guests with a recreational course.
We focus on a personalized service, balanced between safety and fun, which promises you an unforgettable in-water experience. By sharing the profound adoration of the Sea, we promise you peace of mind with pure joy.
Your personal instructors will prepare you for your great sea adventure! The basic piece of equipment used by snorkelers includes a mask (or goggles as some call it) that fits over your face allowing you to have clear vision. A snorkel, which is simply a pipe which attaches to your mask and sticks out the water above your head, allowing you to breathe. And fins or flippers, giving you more control and swimming power in the water. Choosing your snorkeling gear is important, as you want your gear to be comfortable and a perfect fit.
Snorkeling simply put, is easy, relatively safe and will expose you to something that would otherwise be inaccessible. Even for experienced divers, a snorkel can often be a wonderful break.
For those who select the second option , our last stop will be at a bay near the temple dedicated to the God of the Sea, the mighty Poseidon.
This tour ends by heading back to Athens city center and dropping you off at your hotel or apartment.


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