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Explore the History of Athens in a Tour

Have you ever visited Greece and didn’t know which destination to choose? While Greece is packed up with a lot of tourism during the summer, there is a situation where foreign people do not understand the greatness of Greek attractions. The history of Athens is of great importance and it is vital for someone who is exploring the city to see the architecture and the civilisations that came before us. This article was created to provide you with the basic historical locations in Athens and near the Attica area, so that you don’t have to worry about the places you’ll pick to search!


‘What are the best historical Landmarks to explore the history of Athens?’ 


Due to Athens being the capital of Greece, it’s really convenient to visit some of the most important landmarks in the country, and the fact that they are located close to each other makes the act easier! Some of the most remarkable attractions related to history of Athens are mentioned below:


Acropolis of Athens

The location where the temple of Ancient Goddess Athena stands. Its the one that rules them all! Acropolis is located on top of the tallest hill in the city, making the view pretty special all alone. But the fact that its been preserved all these years and has endured wars and natural disasters makes it even more special! It’s a place that deserves the value it holds and the architecture of the acropolis makes it more interesting for someone to visit! So if you’re looking for destinations, you just got the best in town!

acropolis of athens


One of the ruins Acropolis features is the Parthenon, the temple dedicated to Athena. This historical landmark is the best preserved in the Acropolis! The complicated, yet majestic marble stones of this temple deserve the applause. Αlso the temple has endured numerous catastrophic events, such as fires. These are some of the reasons why you should put it on your checklist! The temple also served as a church and a treasury.


Temple of Poseidon

The Temple of God Poseidon, God of Sea, is located in Sounion, the southernmost point in Athens. This attraction plays an important role in the history of Athens. It was built with pure white marble and was dedicated to Poseidon. Since its erection in the 5th Century, it has offered nothing more than blue skies and a great view to the side hill where you can watch the beautiful beaches of Sounio! The Temple is renowned as a  Unesco monument and is under its protection. You shouldn’t miss the chance to admire such an architectural marvel! In fact, at Getaways Greece we offer small group and private Sounio tours just for you. Take some time to explore them and you will not regret it.


When in Athens, a great destination outside the city, if possible, is the Theater of Epidaurus in Nafplio. Epidaurus was the dramatic theater that patients of Gods supposedly visited during their stay. The famous Drama Shows were and still are pretty famous, and since the foundation of Athens and Epidaurus Festival, more plays have been performed. Every summer, Epidaurus Theater attracts many tourists and Athenians for its performances, which constitutes a choice you shouldn’t let pass by!


Tours we offer

While we offer many tours, taking into consideration the different interests of our clients, here are some tours for the history junkies:

  • Half Day Athens Sightseeing Private Tour. The tour that has it all! From visiting the Greek Parliament and watching the change of Guards, to admiring the majestic view from the Lycabettus hill. The tour lasts half a day and the visitors will have seen the most important attractions of the city! Be sure to keep this one in mind on your next visit to Athens!


  • Cape Sounion and Temple of Poseidon Half-Day Small-Group Tour from Athens: The delight of our agency! We mentioned before that the temple of Poseidon is a secret gem between these landmarks! The design, the purpose of the building and the amazing view are factors you should take into account! Before the visit to the Temple, it is possible we stop at a restaurant for food aepidaurusnd a dive at the beautiful beaches of Sounio.


  •    3 Days Classical Tour to Ancient Corinthos, Nafplion, Mycenae, Epidavros, Ancient Olympia. The miracle of our tours. A great deal of monuments to see. This offer brings us to the must-see landmarks near Attica. Consider this a steal, since it involves 5 very important destinations that have been since Ancient Athens existed! The tour also involves Epidaurus as mentioned above, an extra reason to take the tour, and you’ll be given the chance to admire one of the biggest ancient Theaters in the history of Athens and history in general!


In Getaways Greece, we offer tours that cover every tourist’s needs and we make sure that they are as diverse as possible. If you have any questions concerning our tours, make contact by filling out the form on our website or just give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you!