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Things you Need to Know before Traveling to Greece

If you’re planning a trip to Greece this season, there are a few things you need to know before traveling to this beautiful place. While Greece is a great destination for anyone to relax but also spend some good time partying and having fun, it is important to keep in mind some tips, in order to salute the greek vibes in a better way. Furthermore we will provide you with reasons why you should travel via a travel agency rather than alone, meaning without any local guidance. Let’s get to the basics. 

‘What do you mean by ‘things you need to know’?’

Greece is a great place to travel and have the most amazing time. From eating the finger-licking Mediterranean cuisine to just going to a club on an island. As you know in Greece, time schedules of party time are a bit different! But good different. Although you get to try the great fish and feta cheese and watch some of the most spectacular sunsets, you need to be careful and avoid some things, but at the same time do other stuff that are important to the Greek fellas. 

So what are the do’s and don’ts of Greek vacation?

  1. While many think that Greece is in the same time zone with other European countries, most of the time it’s not. You should check the time, so that you don’t lose track of it. At the same time, it’s of great importance to understand that am in greece is ‘pm’ or ‘π.μ’ and pm is ‘μ.μ’ so you don’t want to get these mixed up!
  2. Always keep water in your bag. It gets super hot during summertime, or even winter when it’s sunny, trust us you will need it! Especially if your destination is an island. Also, the important part is that in most areas, tap water is not drinkable, so you better have a bottle of water or two just in case. 
  3. Most restaurants, cocktails bars etc have a ‘dress code’ , preferably clothes with a more airy effortless but still stylish look. Not all tourists know that, but if you go and feel like an outsider, it is probably because of that.
  4. Added on the restaurant list, while there are great places to eat in Greece, make sure to get some advice from locals for the quality, quantity and the prices. Specifically in greek islands, some places have extremely high prices! Be careful not to be fooled for mediocre food.
  5. Roads in Greece. The Greek government is constantly making changes for better roadways, but roads in Greece are not in the best condition. These are information you should keep in mind, should you travel with a vehicle. Be careful while driving, especially on islands.
  6. Work Hours are different from Other countries. Greece has its ups and downs, one of downs is that everyone is late! Well, not everyone, but restaurants and cafes, often open later than european standard hours. Also, supermarkets and most local stores are closed on sundays.
  7. Consider the season of choice before buying tickets and accommodation. One thing you need to know before traveling in Greece, is the busy seasons. June-August is considered the high season, specifically for islanders. If you want to have fun it is the perfect season for you. But if your goal is relaxation or what we like to call, calm vacation, you might want to think further about the time you’ll choose to visit. 
  8. Think about booking with a travel agency that can guide you through the city of your choice, give you the most important tips and make your reservations easier. Also travel agencies tend to be cheaper than booking the whole trip by yourself. 
  9. Credit cards are new to the Greeks. That means that you should always keep cash on you, hidden well. Not all stores acquire POS for credit or debit payments.
  10. Dress accordingly if you’re visiting churches or monasteries. In churches and monasteries, skirts below the knee are often obligatory so if you think about visiting religious places, get dressed appropriately.
  11. Greeting in Greek or speaking in Greek is always appreciated. Sayings like ‘efharisto’ or ‘geia sou’ are deeply meaningful, and if you say that in locals, you might as well get a good laugh, but also make new friends!
  12.  Always have in mind that the emergency number in Greece is 100!


Consider these a friendly reminder to keep in mind some of the things you need to definitely know before traveling to Greece. Your time here will pass easier after reading this guide.

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