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What to do in Athens

Athens is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe that offers a wide range of activities to do. It has many hot spots, monuments and spectacular architecture all worthy of your time. Thousands of tourists visit this attraction every year and get an idea of the Greek culture and its people. So, if you are planning to pay a visit too, here is what to do in Athens this year!


What to do in Athens in 2022


Before we start let us first mention that the best period to visit Athens is between May and October. That season the weather is the sunniest and warmest than any other months. So you will get the chance to enjoy it to its fullest. Now let’s discuss more about what you can do in Athens.


#1 Visit the Acropolis

Probably one of the top things to do when you first visit this city is visit Acropolis. This historical and emblematic architectural site was built in the 5th century BC and is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage monuments. The site was dedicated to goddess Athena and it symbolizes democracy and Greek culture, among others. Throughout the years conservation of the monument was vital in order for it to stand the test of time. But it is something that is definitely worth your time.


Pro-tip: During high season times, Acropolis is full of people interested in visiting it. The lines can become really time-consuming especially if you totally hate being kept waiting. You can actually book a private tour to the Acropolis with skip-the-line tickets here to get there faster and more quietly! 


#2 Visit the Museum of Acropolis

Another important thing to do in Athens so as to learn more about Greek culture and heritage is to visit the Acropolis Museum. It is a modern building that consists of different levels full of ancient monuments. The experience is thrilling and will definitely leave you wanting for more! 


#3 Go for a walk in Plaka

Plaka is a picturesque place in Athens full of cute small taverns and shops. The warmth and friendliness of the locals will make you fall in love with it! There you will be able to take lots of photographs in different scenic alleys and experience the city on foot. 


#4 Watch the sunset at Cape Sounio

Wanna watch the sunset like you never did before? Choose to go to Cape Sounion. The reason most people visit this area is because of the Temple of Poseidon, ancient God of the Sea. This archaeological site will leave you surprised as it has unspoken beauty and a breathtaking view that you will love. It is located in Attica and offers a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea that will be unforgettable to every visitor. 


Pro-tip: In order for everything to go smoothly and relaxing, you can actually book a small group tour to watch the sunset at Cape Sounion. The benefits here are many! First, you won’t have to search for itineraries and maps in order to get there. We offer licensed guides that will get you there, pick you up and drop you off to your hotel and minivans that include Wi-Fi, air condition and water bottles. 


#5 Explore Athens by Night

Wondering what else to do in Athens? Explore it at night of course! Athens is beautiful during the day, but the vibe it gets at night is something you have to experience. If you love partying and going places, the city center is full of spots for that. However, if you prefer something different, you can try our Athens at Night Small Group Walking Tour. Dinner is included, and you will get the chance to walk around under the city lights with our licensed tour guides.  


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