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Explore the Best of Athens: 5 Activities Not to Be Missed

Athens combines the allure of ancient history with the dynamism of a modern city, offering an unforgettable experience. Getaways Greece offers a variety of tours and activities in Athens and surrounding areas, providing numerous options for exploring the city and its rich history, culture, and landscapes.

Here are 5 must things to do in Athens:

Visit the Acropolis

The ancient citadel and its monuments, like the Parthenon, are symbols of Athens’ heritage. Visiting the Acropolis is an essential Athens experience, offering a glimpse into ancient Greece’s grandeur. Explore surrounding temples, theaters, and sanctuaries, each with stories echoing through history. This architectural masterpiece not only provides insight into ancient Greek life but also offers panoramic views of Athens, bridging past and present.

The Athens Sightseeing Tour of Getaways Greece is a half-day tour that includes skip-the-line access to the Acropolis, offering a deep dive into Athens’ ancient history.

Taste Greek Cuisine.

Tasting Greek cuisine in Athens is a dive into a rich culinary tradition. The city teems with tavernas and restaurants serving everything from classic gyros and souvlaki to more sophisticated dishes like moussaka and fresh seafood. Don’t miss the chance to savor local cheeses, olives, and the famous Greek yogurt with honey. Each dish is a reflection of Greece’s history and its local, fresh ingredients.

In our A Taste of Athens Food Tour, you can discover Athens’ culinary delights, a half-day tour that takes you through markets and food stalls.

Take a Day Trip

Visit nearby historical sites like Delphi with Delphi Guided Small Group Day Tour, a journey to the center of the ancient world, exploring the oracle and ruins of Delphi or Cape Sounion with our Cape Sounion and Temple of Poseidon Tour. Here you can visit this iconic temple at sunrise or sunset for breathtaking views and a taste of ancient Greek mythology.

Island Hopping

From Athens, set off on day cruises to the Saronic Gulf islands, such as Hydra, Poros, and Aegina. Each island offers its unique charm, from Hydra’s vehicle-free streets and elegant stone mansions to Poros’ lush landscapes and Aegina’s famous temple of Aphaia.

Our Athens Day Cruise to Saronic Gulf Islands is the ideal choice to explore Hydra, Poros, and Aegina on a full-day cruise, experiencing the beauty and tranquility of these islands.

Enjoy Athens’ Nightlife

Enjoying Athens’ nightlife introduces you to a vibrant scene that blends traditional Greek entertainment with modern bars and clubs. Areas like Psiri, Gazi, and Monastiraki come alive at night, offering everything from live music venues where you can enjoy rebetiko (traditional Greek urban music) to sophisticated rooftop bars with views of the illuminated Acropolis.

Take advantage of our Athens at Night Walking Tour with Dinner and experience the vibrant nightlife of Athens, including a delightful Greek dinner.

These activities provide a deep dive into Athens’ rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. To explore these experiences further and secure your spot on these adventures, consider exploring our wide range of tours. Each tour is designed to cater to different interests, ensuring that every traveler can find something that resonates with their preferences.

We hope you fully immerse yourself in the splendor of Athens and create unforgettable memories. Enjoy every moment of your adventure in this historic city. Safe travels and unforgettable adventures in Athens!