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A Taste of Athens | Small-Group Half-Day Food Tour

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A culinary voyage that reveals the heart and soul of Athens through its flavors, aromas, and culinary traditions. The “Taste of Athens” small-group half-day food tour offers an journey into the rich tapestry of Greek cuisine, set against the backdrop of Athens’ historic Old City. This tour invites food lovers and curious travelers alike to explore the vibrant neighborhoods of Psyrri and Monastiraki, known for their artistic streets and lively food scene.

Your gastronomic adventure begins at Monastiraki Square, where your passionate guide, holding a “Taste of Athens tour” sign, welcomes you to a world of delectable tastes and intriguing stories. From the first sip of fresh fruit juice paired with a traditional koulouri (sesame bread ring), the tour promises a feast for the senses. As you meander through the cobblestone streets, more than eight carefully selected stops await, each offering a unique taste of Greek culinary heritage.

Discover the heartwarming simplicity of home-made dishes and the irresistible charm of street foods. Savor the iconic souvlaki and cheese pie, and learn about the cultural significance behind these beloved staples. The tour is not just about tasting; it’s an opportunity to dive into the Greek culinary culture and habits, understanding the local way of life through its flavors.

Your journey takes you through one of Europe’s oldest markets, a treasure trove of herbs, spices, and traditional products. Here, amid the bustling market life, taste Greek yogurt like never before, rich and creamy, drizzled with honey, and sprinkled with nuts. Explore the aromatic world of Greek olive oil, teas, and cured meats, each sample narrating its own story of Greece’s culinary traditions.

As the tour progresses, visit the chic area of Aiolou, home to some of Athens’ best local restaurants. Experience Greek meze, a delightful array of small dishes, accompanied by traditional Greek liqueurs like ouzo or tsipouro. The sweet highlight of the tour awaits in a cozy pastry shop, where you’ll indulge in loukoumades, the Greek version of donuts, soaked in syrup and garnished with cinnamon and walnuts, a true testament to the Greek knack for creating indulgent sweets.

The tour wouldn’t be complete without a live demonstration of making the famous Greek salad, an opportunity to see firsthand the art of combining simple, fresh ingredients into a dish of sublime flavors.

Concluding your culinary exploration, Varvakeios Agora, the bustling meat and fish market, offers a chance to taste souvlaki in one of Athens’ most traditional spots. This final stop epitomizes the Greek culinary experience – the simplicity of grilled meat, seasoned to perfection, and wrapped in pita bread, embodies the essence of Greek hospitality and warmth.

The “Taste of Athens” tour is more than a food tour; it’s a journey into the heart of Athens, seen through the lens of its food. With each bite, sip, and step, you’ll discover the city’s history, culture, and vibrant spirit. This tour promises not only to fill your belly with the most exquisite Greek flavors but also to leave you with a deeper appreciation and love for Athens and its rich culinary heritage.

Departure Information

Departure & Return Location:
  • In front of the small church in Monastiraki Square, Athens 105 55. Your guide will be holding a sign with “Taste of Athens tour” written on it.
  • Tour finishes in the same place.
Departure Time:

What to expect

Make more than 8 different stops during our walk and taste a variety of samples – enough to fill your belly to the brim with all the amazing Greek flavours! From home-made dishes and street foods, to traditional souvlaki and cheese pie – the Taste of Athens tour is your chance to immerse yourself inside Athens’ food scene and acquaint yourself with Greek culinary culture and habits.
  • 8 different stops to local shops
  • Taste the famous ” koulouri”
  • Compine a stroll in Athens historical market with a taste of Greece’s traditional flavours
  • Live watching of making the Famous Greek salad
  • Taste the famous cheese pies and ” bougatsa”


• A friendly, knowledgeable and passionate food tour guide
• Food and Beverages samples
• Snacks
• Coffee and/or Tea


• Hotel pickup and Drop-off
• Gratuities


  1. Meet Your Guide: Meet your guide at the church in Monastiraki Square. Begin your culinary journey with a refreshing start of fresh fruit juice and a traditional koulouri, embracing the essence of a Greek breakfast.
  2. Greek Breakfast Culture: Enjoy a visit to a local café where you’ll savor cheese and spinach pies alongside a traditional Greek coffee, diving into the heart of Greek breakfast culture.
  3. Explore the Oldest Market: Explore the backstreets around one of Europe’s oldest markets, renowned for its herb and spice shops. Here, engage your senses with the rich aromas and tastes of Greek yogurt, olive oil, tea, chamomile, and cured beef, discovering the fundamental ingredients of Greek cuisine.
  4. Aiolou Culinary Delights: Wander to the chic Aiolou area, a hub for some of Athens’ finest local restaurants. Sample Greek meze, including ouzo or tsipouro, immersing yourself in the social and culinary tradition of sharing small, flavorful dishes.
  5. Sweet Indulgence: Indulge in loukoumades at a charming pastry shop. These golden, syrup-soaked donuts, sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts, offer a sweet insight into Greek pastry tradition.
  6. Greek Salad Demonstration: Experience a live demonstration of making the famous Greek salad, witnessing the artistry behind this simple yet flavorful dish that’s a staple of Greek cuisine.
  7. Taste of Souvlaki: Conclude your tour at Varvakeios Agora, the bustling meat and fish market, where you’ll have the opportunity to taste authentic souvlaki, one of the most traditional and beloved Greek foods, perfectly grilled and served in pita bread.
  8. Tour Conclusion: The tour wraps up back at Monastiraki Square, leaving you with a full belly and a deeper appreciation for Athens’ rich culinary landscape and its vibrant food scene.


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