3 Days

Departure from:

Litochoro, 60200 Litochoro, GR


Olympus Mountain, Central Greece

3-day Hiking to Olympus – Mytikas Summit 2918m

Tour Details

Experience the thrill of Mount Olympus on a three-day ascent that challenges and delights both seasoned climbers and beginners. This unique journey to the highest peak in Greece, reaching 2918 meters at Mytikas peak, offers more than just a climb; it’s an exploration of nature’s majesty and a test of human spirit. Our carefully curated trip ensures a profound experience, allowing you to witness the mountain’s beauty from multiple perspectives, sleep in two different shelters, and return enriched with emotions but not exhausted. Olympus’s terrain is as challenging as it is beautiful, featuring rocky peaks and diverse paths that call to adventurers of all skill levels. The Happy Mountain team is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience, ensuring every climber, regardless of their experience, feels the satisfaction of connecting with nature on this unforgettable journey.

Include yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Mount Olympus. Each step unveils the mountain’s natural majesty, from its rocky peaks to its diverse paths. Our distinctive three-day ascent is designed for you to savor every moment without rushing. This allows for a deep experience of the mountain, enjoying routes, shared hiking hours, and the captivating sights and scents generously offered by Olympus. The journey forms a “small circle” around the mountain, giving you a comprehensive experience of Mount Olympus from both sides. Sleep in two different shelters to fully appreciate the mountain’s grandeur. The significant altitude differences and the final stretch to the peaks make the ascent fulfilling for climbers of all levels.

Combine your enthusiasm and fitness with our Happy Mountain team’s expertise. Our experienced guides will ensure a memorable and safe ascent. Connecting climbers to nature is our mission. This journey fosters an experience that extends beyond the mountain, inviting many to return, alone or with friends, to re-experience the tranquility and challenge. Ensure you’re prepared with a backpack, mountaineering shoes, water, sleeping bag or sheets, warm and waterproof clothing, personal hygiene items, a flashlight, snacks, sunscreen, and a camera to capture the moments.

This Mount Olympus hiking tour is not just about reaching the summit; it’s about the journey, the connection with nature, and the personal fulfillment that comes from facing and overcoming the mountain’s challenges. Join us on this extraordinary adventure to Mytikas Summit, where every step tells a story, and the summit awaits those who dare to dream big.

Departure Information

Departure & Return Location:
Litochoro, 60200 Litochoro, GR
Departure Time:

What to expect

  • Scenic Exploration: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Mount Olympus. From rocky peaks to diverse paths, each step unveils the natural beauty of this majestic mountain.
  • Unique Three-Day Journey: Embark on a distinctive three-day ascent, providing ample time to savor every moment without pushing your limits. Experience the mountain like never before, enjoying routes, shared hiking hours, and the captivating sights and scents generously offered by Olympus.
  • 360-Degree Perspective: Our carefully crafted itinerary allows you to witness Mount Olympus from both sides, forming a “small circle” that reveals the mountain’s grandeur. Sleep in two different shelters for a comprehensive experience.
  • Challenging Yet Rewarding: Mount Olympus poses challenges with significant altitude differences, demanding attention and respect from climbers of all levels. The last stretch to the peaks requires experience, making the ascent a fulfilling accomplishment.
  • Expert Guidance: Combine your good mood and moderate or above physical condition with the expertise of our Happy Mountain team. Trust in our experienced executives to guide you safely, ensuring a memorable and secure journey.
  • Connection with Nature: The ultimate satisfaction lies in bringing climbers of all ages, from beginners to seasoned adults, to the summit. Our mission is to connect people with nature, fostering an experience that extends beyond the mountain – a journey that many return to, alone or with friends.

What to Bring

  • Statement of interest for transfer from Thessaloniki to Prionia or not
  • Backpack (40-50lt), mountaineering or sports shoes, water bottle
  • Sleeping bag or sheets (the shelters have blankets, but not sheets)
  • Warm clothes (fleece, 2 long pants, windproof jacket, hat, waterproof jacket, waterproof pants)
  • Personal hygiene items, two changing clothes and underwear, towel (all items must be wrapped in plastic bags so that they do not get wet in case of heavy rain)
  • Flashlight
  • Sunglasses, camera
  • Various snacks on hiking trails (chocolates, cereal bars, nuts, etc.)
  • Sunscreen


• Two nights in the shelters with breakfast
• Accompanied by experienced Happy Mountain guides (1 attendant per 6-8 people)
• Use of mountaineering equipment (helmets, bonders, ropes, etc. wherever needed)
• Liability insurance
• All Taxes


• Lunch and dinner at the shelters
• Transfer to Prionia (optional with extra cost 40 euros)
• Beverages
• Everything not mentioned above


  1. Day 1:
    Departure from Thessaloniki. Arrive in Prionia and starting point for the Trail of Silence around 14:30-15:00, to the shelter Spilios Agapitos (2,100m – Zolota). Route duration: about 3.5 – 4.0 hours (for beginners). Overnight at the shelter, rest with good food and good company.
  2. Day 2:
    Departure from the shelter to the peaks (Mytikas for those who are capable and Skala – Skolio or Plateau of the Muses for the rest). Route duration: about 3-4 hours. Late at noon arrival at the shelter Giosos Apostolidis (2,697m). Total walking time: 5-6 hours. Rest and close afternoon walk in the surrounding peaks (Profitis Ilias or Kakkalos shelter, on the other side of the Plateau – a hot chocolate or a tsipouro in this hot shelter is a must!). Depending on the weather, we can try to reach the top at noon, starting from the shelter on the plateau of Muses. If the weather does not allow it (rain, fog, etc.), we can hike to the nearby peak of Prophet Elias.
  3. Day 3:
    Relaxed breakfast, lunch at the shelter and return to Petrostrouga shelter and Gortsia location. Our return will take about 5 hours.
    We reiterate that three days is an ideal choice for a more relaxed climb, as well as in case of bad weather and “closed” weather, we have the opportunity to reach the high peaks either on Saturday morning, or Saturday at noon, or even on Sunday in the morning!
    NOTE: The top is not an end in itself! We will approach the top of Mytikas only if the weather allows and only those who are able to attempt it. The tour leader has the right not to allow the climb to the top of a person who either does not follow the instructions or considers that he is not able to complete the attempt to the top. Everyone’s safety is everything!


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