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Santorini Fishing Tours – Private Santorini Boat tours

Tour Details

Welcome aboard The Pirate Fishing Tours with Captain Makis

Each year, visitors are invited to share Captain Makis’s profound passion for the ocean, cultivated through decades of navigating its vast, mysterious depths. With years of experience, Captain Makis has charted the most secluded and pristine fishing spots around Santorini, offering an exclusive adventure that goes beyond the typical tourist paths.

Santorini, a gem in the Aegean Sea, is famed not only for its stunning caldera and sunsets but also for its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life. The Pirate Fishing Tours provide a unique opportunity to explore these enchanting waters. From amateur enthusiasts to seasoned anglers, everyone finds something to cherish. Captain Makis specializes in leading his guests to secret spots where the sea teems with fish, making every expedition a fruitful and thrilling experience.

But the adventure doesn’t stop at fishing. Captain Makis’s tours also offer perfect photo opportunities. Imagine capturing the sunrise over the Aegean Sea from a vantage point that only a few know or possess the privilege to access. These “hidden” places are gems that Makis delights in sharing, ensuring that every snapshot you take becomes a treasured memory of the unique beauty of Santorini.

For those who love the underwater world, snorkeling is a must on these tours. The clear blue waters invite you to plunge into an underwater spectacle near the Santorini shores. Snorkeling alongside Captain Makis, guests can explore vibrant reefs and watch the bustling activity of marine life on the seabed—an immersive experience in one of the world’s most picturesque snorkeling spots.

The tours are tailored to cater to all levels of experience and interest. Whether it’s your first time holding a fishing rod or you’re a veteran looking for your next big catch, Captain Makis ensures that all equipment and guidance are provided. You only need to step aboard and enjoy the journey.

In addition to the excitement of fishing and snorkeling, these tours offer a taste of local culture. Captain Makis often shares stories of Santorini’s maritime history and folklore, enriching the journey with tales of ancient mariners and the islands’ past. It’s an educational experience that connects you deeper with the environment you explore.

By the end of your tour, you will have stepped into the living postcard that is Santorini, experienced its waters like a local, and captured moments of sheer beauty and exhilaration. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed day or a serene escape into nature, Captain Makis and The Pirate Fishing Tours promise an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Aegean Sea.

So, cast off on this extraordinary adventure with Captain Makis, where the hidden and unexplored corners of Santorini await. Discover, explore, and capture the essence of this island paradise through the eyes of a local sea captain.

Departure Information

Departure & Return Location:
A few steps down the road to the docks, we are located next to the restaurant “Ammoudi” at the small boat-dock.
Check map below:
Departure Time:
09:00 AM
15:00 PM

What to expect

Set sail with The Pirate Fishing Tours and look forward to:

  • Elite Fishing Spots: Discover hidden gems teeming with fish under Captain Makis’s expert guidance.
  • Unique Photo Ops: Capture stunning vistas and secret locations known only to locals.
  • Vibrant Snorkeling: Explore the vibrant underwater life of Santorini’s crystal-clear waters.
  • Full Support: Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll have the necessary equipment and guidance.
  • Natural Connection: Experience the tranquility and beauty of Santorini’s marine environment.


• Food & drinks
• Bottled water
• Coffee and/or Tea
• Local Wine
• Refreshments
• Use of Snorkeling equipment
• Fishing Equipment


• Gratitudes


    First Fishing Spot

    Secret Reef Exploration: Cast your lines at one of Santorini’s hidden reefs, known for its abundant and diverse fish. Captain Makis will provide guidance and all necessary fishing gear.


    Underwater Adventure: Dive into the vibrant waters to explore the stunning underwater ecosystem. Snorkeling equipment will be provided.

    Lunch on Board

    Enjoy Local Delicacies: Relish a freshly prepared traditional Greek lunch on the boat, featuring local specialties and refreshing beverages.

    Second Fishing Spot

    Deep Sea Fishing Experience: Head to a deeper, exclusive spot for a chance to catch larger marine species, with tips and assistance from Captain Makis.

    Photo Session

    Scenic Photography: Capture the exquisite scenery of Aegean Sea, perfect for those memorable photographs. Captain Makis knows the best spots and will help you find the perfect frame.

    Leisurely Sail Back

    Relaxing Return Journey: Enjoy the calm sail back to the marina, share tales of the day’s adventures, and enjoy the scenic views of Santorini’s coastline.

Please note:

  • Stroller / pram accessible
  • Animals or pets allowed
  • Public transportation nearby
  • Infants must sit on your lap


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