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Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia Private Guided Day Tour From Athens

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An extraordinary journey back in time with our Ancient Olympia Private Guided Day Tour from Athens, a meticulously designed experience that transcends mere sightseeing to become a profound exploration of Greece’s illustrious past. This exclusive tour is an invitation to uncover the origins of the Olympic Games, delve into ancient mythology, and witness the marvels of classical architecture, all within the embrace of Greece’s stunning landscapes.

Your adventure begins with an early morning departure from Athens, where you’re whisked away in the comfort of a private, air-conditioned luxury vehicle. As dawn breaks, the scenic drive through the Peloponnese unfolds like a living tapestry of lush valleys, rugged mountains, and azure seas. The journey is punctuated by a captivating stop at the Corinth Canal, a testament to human ingenuity. This iconic waterway, slicing through the isthmus, offers breathtaking views and a perfect photo opportunity, capturing the essence of Greece’s natural beauty and historical ambition.

The heart of the tour beats in Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Here, amidst the ruins that have withstood the test of time, you’ll step into a world where athletes once competed in honor of Zeus. Your expert guide, brimming with knowledge and passion for Greek history, will lead you through this sacred site. Explore the majestic Temple of Zeus, the ancient Stadium, and other significant ruins, each with stories that echo through millennia. The narratives shared by your guide will bring the stones and columns to life, offering insights into the achievements, politics, and daily life of ancient Greeks.

The journey of discovery continues at the Olympia Archaeological Museum, a treasure trove of artifacts that illuminate the complexity and richness of ancient Greek civilization. From intricately sculpted statues to delicate pottery, each piece is a window into the past, revealing the artistic and intellectual achievements of a bygone era.

The beauty of this private tour lies in its flexibility, tailored to suit your pace and interests. Whether you’re captivated by mythology, intrigued by historical events, or simply in awe of ancient architecture, your guide will adapt the exploration to ensure an enriching and personalized experience. This attentiveness guarantees a deep and meaningful connection with the sites visited, far beyond the surface level.

As the day draws to a close, you’ll return to Athens carrying with you not just memories but a profound appreciation for Greece’s cultural legacy. The Ancient Olympia Private Guided Day Tour is more than a trip; it’s a journey into the heart of human achievement and aspiration. It promises not only to educate but to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

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What to expect

• Scenic Drive: Begin your day with a scenic drive along the Peloponnese, taking in the breathtaking landscapes that unfold before you.
• Corinth Canal Photo Stop: Capture a moment at the Corinth Canal, an iconic engineering marvel. Enjoy a photo stop and marvel at the breathtaking views.
• Insightful Narration: Throughout the journey, our knowledgeable guide will provide captivating narratives, offering a deep dive into the history and significance of the regions you traverse.
• Ancient Olympia Exploration: Immerse yourself in the wonders of Ancient Olympia. Explore the archaeological site, from the Temple of Zeus to the historic Stadium, where ancient athletes once competed.
• Archaeological Museum: Visit the Olympia Archaeological Museum, home to a stunning collection of artifacts that bring the ancient past to life.
• Personalized Experience: Enjoy the flexibility of a private tour, tailored to your preferences. Your guide will adapt the pace to ensure you get the most from this cultural adventure.
• Cultural Reflection: Take a moment to reflect amid the ancient surroundings that witnessed centuries of human achievement, creating memories that will linger long after the tour concludes.
Our Ancient Olympia Private Guided Day Tour promises a seamless blend of history, scenic beauty, and personalized exploration, ensuring a day filled with discovery and cultural immersion


• Pick up and Drop-off
• Transportation by private air-conditioned luxury vehicle
• Professional Guide at destination
• Entrance Fees at the Archeological Site of Ancient Olympia
• Bottled water


• Food and Drinks
• Gratuities


  1. Departure from Athens: Begin your day with an early departure from Athens, traveling in the comfort of a private, air-conditioned luxury vehicle.
  2. Scenic Drive through Peloponnese: Enjoy a breathtaking drive across the Peloponnese, with its lush valleys, rugged mountains, and stunning seascapes.
  3. Corinth Canal Photo Stop: Take a moment to capture the beauty of the Corinth Canal, an engineering marvel that cuts through the isthmus.
  4. Exploration of Ancient Olympia: Dive into the history of the Olympic Games at the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia. Visit the Temple of Zeus and the ancient Stadium.
  5. Visit the Olympia Archaeological Museum: Discover the artifacts and treasures that illuminate ancient Greek civilization.
  6. Personalized Exploration: Benefit from the flexibility of a private tour, tailored to your interests and pace, for an immersive and enriching experience.
  7. Return to Athens: Conclude your journey with a drive back to Athens, enriched by the history and beauty of Ancient Olympia.


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