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Argolis, Sparta, Monemvasia, Olympia, Delphi & Meteora

Argolis, Sparta, Monemvasia, Olympia, Delphi & Meteora Six Days Tour

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An enthralling six-day exploration of Greece, a journey that takes you through the heart of ancient history and breathtaking landscapes with our Argolis-Sparta-Monemvasia-Olympia-Delphi & Meteora Tour. This meticulously designed tour commences in the Argolis Region, where the first day unfolds with visits to iconic sites such as the Corinth Canal and the Acropolis of Mycenae, blending the marvels of ancient engineering with tales of myth and legend.

As you dive into the rich history of Epidaurus and Nafplio, the beauty of Greece’s natural and architectural splendor comes alive, wrapping up the day with a stay at the serene Leto or Gambello Hotel in Nafplion. The adventure continues on day two with a journey to Sparta, where the ruins whisper stories of valor and glory. Here, the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil adds a unique flavor to your historical immersion, followed by an exploration of the UNESCO-listed Mystras and the fortress town of Monemvasia, culminating with a restful night at the Panorama Hotel.

Day three greets you with a romantic morning in Monemvasia, followed by the awe-inspiring Diros Caves, and a scenic drive to Olympia—the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Your stay at the Arty Grand Hotel or Europa Hotel offers a blend of comfort and history, setting the stage for the next day’s exploration of Olympia’s archaeological marvels, including the Temple of Zeus and the Archaeological Museum of Olympia.

The journey through time continues as you head to Delphi, known as the navel of the earth. The Archaeological Museum here, along with the ancient Sanctuary of Apollo, offers an unparalleled glimpse into Greece’s mystical past. A brief stop in the charming town of Arachova precedes your arrival in Kalambaka, preparing you for the final day’s exploration of the majestic Meteora Monasteries, perched atop towering rock formations, offering a breathtaking conclusion to your journey.

Your return trip includes a poignant visit to Thermopylae, immortalized by the heroic stand of the 300 Spartans, bringing an end to an extraordinary journey through Greece. Each day of this tour unfolds a new chapter in the ancient history and natural splendor of Greece, promising an unforgettable adventure.

Expect a journey filled with historical immersion, as you step back in time to explore ancient wonders like the Acropolis of Mycenae, Sparta, and the sanctuaries of Olympia and Delphi. The tour offers a deep dive into cultural discovery, with visits to vibrant towns and engaging with local traditions. The scenic beauty of Greece, from the Corinth Canal to Meteora, surrounds you at every turn, ensuring every moment is picture-perfect.

Comfortable accommodations ensure that each day’s adventure ends with a restful pause, while knowledgeable guides enrich your understanding of Greece’s fascinating past. With seamless transportation provided, your journey through Greece is as comfortable as it is enlightening.

Join us on this extraordinary journey through Greece, where each day promises unique and unforgettable experiences, making this tour a truly exceptional adventure.

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What to expect

  • Historical Immersion – Prepare to step back in time as you explore ancient wonders like the Acropolis of Mycenae, the Temple of Athena Chalkioikos in Sparta, and the sanctuaries of Olympia and Delphi. Each day offers a unique journey through Greece’s rich history.
  • Cultural Discovery – Embrace the vibrant Greek culture with visits to charming towns like Nafplio, Monemvasia, and Arachova. Engage with local traditions, savor traditional cuisine, and experience the warmth of Greek hospitality.
  • Scenic Beauty – From the Corinth Canal to the breathtaking landscapes of Meteora, expect to be surrounded by picturesque vistas at every turn. Marvel at the sunset from the towering rocks and cruise through the Diros Caves for a natural spectacle.
  • Archaeological Marvels – Immerse yourself in the archaeological wonders of Mystras, explore the historic sites of Delphi, and witness the architectural grandeur of the Meteora Monasteries. This tour promises an up-close encounter with Greece’s unparalleled historical and cultural treasures.
  • Comfortable Accommodations – Rest easy in carefully selected hotels such as Leto or Gambello Hotel in Nafplion, Arty Grand Hotel in Olympia, and Iridanos or Meteoritis Hotel in Kalambaka. Enjoy comfortable stays that complement the day’s adventures.
  • Knowledgeable Guides – Benefit from the expertise of knowledgeable guides who will provide insights into the historical significance and cultural context of each site. Feel free to ask questions and enrich your understanding of Greece’s fascinating past.
  • Seamless Transportation – Travel hassle-free with organized transportation throughout the tour. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic routes as you move from one captivating destination to the next.
  • Unforgettable Experiences – Whether it’s exploring ancient theaters, visiting olive oil museums, or witnessing the impressive stalactites of Diros Caves, each day promises unique and unforgettable experiences that make this journey a truly exceptional adventure.


• WiFi on board
• Bottled Water
• Air-conditioned vehicle
• Private transportation
• Professional Drivers (Not licensed to accompany you into the sites)


• Gratitudes
• All meals
• Entrance fees (Total Cost 97 Euros per adult)
• Five Local Licensed tour guides upon request, depending availability (Additional Cost: 1060 Euros)
• Airport pickup and drop off (Additional cost)
• Hotel Accommodation


  1. Day 1: Treasures of Argolis Region
    Corinth Canal visit
    Ancient Corinth exploration, including the Temple of Apollo and St. Paul’s Step
    Corinth Archaeological Museum tour
    Epidaurus visit
    Lunch in Tolon
    Nafplio exploration, including Mycenae and the Treasury of Atreus
    Overnight in Nafplion at Leto or Gambello Hotel
  2. Day 2: Sparta & Mystras Day Tour
    Drive to Sparta
    Explore Sparta’s archaeological site and museum
    Visit the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil
    Journey to Mystras
    Discover Mystras’ Byzantine churches, houses, and public buildings
    Overnight in Monemvasia at Panorama Hotel
  3. Day 3: Romantic Monemvasia & Diros Caves Day Tour
    Morning exploration of Monemvasia’s Byzantine Churches and remains
    Drive to Diros Caves
    Boat tour of Diros Caves
    Continue to Olympia
    Overnight in Olympia at Arty Grand Hotel or Europa Hotel or Leonidaion Guesthouse
  4. Day 4: Sightseeing at Olympia
    Morning visit to Olympia’s archaeological sites, including the Temple of Zeus and Ancient Stadium
    Explore the Archaeological Museum of Olympia
    Drive to Delphi, with stops in Nafpaktos and Galaxidi
    Overnight in Delphi at Nidimos Hotel
  5. Day 5: Exploring the Navel of Earth
    Morning visit to Castalia spring and the ancient Sanctuary of Apollo
    Explore Delphi’s archaeological sites, including the Treasury of the Athenians and the ancient Theatre
    Visit the Archaeological Museum of Delphi
    Drive to Arachova
    Continue to Kalambaka
    Overnight in Kalambaka at recommended hotel
  6. Day 6: Visiting the Meteora Monasteries
    Morning visit to three Meteora Monasteries
    Explore the town of Thermopylae
    Visit the Thermopylae monument of King Leonidas
    Conclude the tour


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